Baby massage classes:

"Sophie created a wonderfully welcoming and supportive atmosphere which only helped to put our babies at ease making the massage easier but also gave a great opportunity to get to know other mums. She was also very understanding of the challenges we are facing and was very supportive when my baby was crying and fussing in class. Sam has become much more aware of his own body which has helped him achieve some big milestones like rolling!" Jenny, mum to Sam

"The classes had a really relaxed atmosphere with no pressure. We could massage our babies at our own pace, staying in tune with our babies. Sophie put all of us at ease, was very supportive and had very observant and thoughtful comments". Daisy, mum to Harry

"My son Oscar & I finished baby massage course with Sophie only a few weeks ago and we are already missing it so much. It was one of our weekly highlight! Learning all massage moves and seeing how much Oscar enjoyed it made me very happy. Plus seeing all my NCT friends and eating great cakes and chat with Sophie after made it such a great course. Highly recommended! Sophie is very skilled and just so lovely." Tereza, Mum to Oscar

"Sophie is a brilliant woman. It feels like seeing a friend in their home from the second you meet her. Highly recommended for both baby massage, therapy, knowledge, and atmosphere." Roxanne, Mum to Elodie

"We loved the baby massage course! Sophie is such an excellent host, always look forward to walking through the front door of her home! The course itself has been such a lovely bonding experience with my son. The nice thing about the course is that each session you learn an extra step so you get to practice all the previous steps so you remember everything. Now massage is a daily ritual in our house and I even taught daddy so he gets to share in it too! I think it was completely worth it as it is also a nice thing to get out of the house and do - so it is good for both you and bub! You don't leave drained as there is cake and tea for mummy too! x" Lauren, Mum to River

Antenatal classes: (anonymous feedback to head office)

"Our teacher, Sophie Bartholomew, was a good mix of wisdom, knowledge and humour. She was non-judgemental and able to respond to the diverse questions and attitudes had by members of the group. She made the sessions stimulating (through activities), thought-provoking and reassuring. An excellent teacher. "

"Sophie Bartholomew was the perfect teacher - warm, welcoming, knowledgable and what I appreciated most that she was completely unbiased in her views. Her approach was to arm us with all the information, in order for us to then make our own informed decisions based on what's right for each individual couple, and that was exactly what we were after. She also created a really fun and relaxed environment and I think I could speak on behalf of the rest of the class when I say we all really enjoyed her sessions."

"Our NCT course leader (Sophie Bartholomew) was absolutely fantastic.  She put us all at ease from day one, including the Dads, and we thoroughly enjoyed all our sessions with her."

"Sophie was brilliant - well structured classes, very enthusiastic and personable.  We felt incredibly welcome and looked forward to the classes."

All is going well apart from some, probably quite standard, sleep deprived cluster feeding desperations. And, if it wasn’t for you we would have had so many more worries! Every small detail you gave us, like hushing loudly in the ear to simulate the sounds of being in the uterus, came together to make both Johanna and me so much more confident in our abilities to take care of this tiny little life, that we now have. We are both so very grateful that it was you who lead our NCT training.