I am a mentored birth and post natal doula having completed the brilliant Nurturing Birth Doula Training programme.  At the moment, I am focusing more on providing post-natal doula services where my job is to support and empower new parents as they take those first tentative steps into the parenthood. A doula literally means 'a woman who serves'. In the past, and still in traditional societies, this job would have been carried out by other mothers in the communities, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and neighbours.  Today, particularly in London, new mums step away from what many perceive as the supportive networks of their busy work days and embark on a solitary journey as a mother, literally retreating into their homes and closing the door. The human race has never parented like this - it's really crazy if you think about it and makes it all much harder. As a doula, I am able to walk the path with new parents - supporting, nurturing and empowering. It is not about my belief system or opinions. I can provide evidence based information and sign-post but my goal is to give parents the space to find their own way, to find their own answers. 

As a post-natal doula, I can come to your home for a few hours at a time, and do whatever needs doing to make your life easier and help you enjoy your baby/babies more. It may be debriefing your birth, supporting you with breast/bottle feeding, preparing food, putting a load of laundry on, cleaning up a little so that life does not feel quite so out of control, taking dogs for a walk, picking up older children from school, holding the baby while you sleep, or just sitting and chatting and having endless cups of tea (and cake). I am very flexible and happy to help in any way I can. 



“A mother needs to feel safe enough to risk feeling uncertain. A mother needs time to ‘grow’ into parenthood, she needs enough confidence to experiment and change her mind a few times. She needs to learn that some of her ideas work. The most uncertain and under confident beginner can gradually turn herself into a unique mother.” 

Naomi Stadlen, "What Mothers Do"